Evolving Architecture provides a full spectrum of Architectural Services, creative design is only one piece. We proudly offer technical assistance analyzing building issues, detailing solutions and coordinating project details with your entire team.

Space Planning and Programming

Design answers the question, “How do you achieve the project goals?” The Programming phase sets the project goals.

The Space Planning and Programming phase is a series of questions and long discussions that take place before anyone begins sketching. Understanding your spatial needs, values and preferences is critical. Only after this deep assessment can a project achieve its goals.

Schematic Design

Space Planning and Programming distills a client’s needs and preferences down to measurable and achievable goals. Schematic Design is the process of spatially conceptualizing the checklist of goals. This is often where the client must decide between two mutually exclusive ideas. Priorities are weighed and constraints of your particular property enter the equation. Sketches and models make the project feel very real. However, the team should hold loosely to the physical representations and hold fast to the goals.

Design Development

This is the phase were it is decided how the building really goes together. How high are the ceilings? How is the exterior wall constructed? What is the final kitchen layout? And, where is the furnace going to go? This is the phase were you try to find all the problems and ask all the questions. Because it is far cheaper to fix problems and modify the design on paper, than once construction has begun.

Construction Documents

All the little details. An architect’s role during this final phase can take many forms. For a client with no building experience, it is advisable to flesh out the drawings fully. The client can then secure accurate bids and minimize questions during construction. For a developer or a client that has been through the process multiple times, the drawings can be much simpler. Property managers and developers have their own construction crews and have developed preferences for materials and details. For these clients, a Permit Set can be prepared. Permit Sets address all code concerns and represent a design concept to the extent a qualified contractor can realize.

Site and Master Planning

Site Planning asks programming questions of the property as a whole. And, Master Plans incorporate the complexity of the passage of time. Gardens expand and contract depending on your availability each season. A new garage or solar panel array may be a few years down the road. But, an overall plan will keep you from realizing you built that garage in your best gardening sun.

Existing Conditions Documentation

If you do not possess drawings for you building, Evolving Architecture will create plans and elevations based on field measurements.

Other Architectural Services

Evolving Architecture provides other ancillary architectural services in fulfillment of its mission, ‘facilitating your inspiration for your built environment’. We will engage with each project only to the extent that serves the clients’ needs.