deep green

Evolving Architecture defines a green building is one that is holistically designed, where each system is optimized and all systems work interactively to efficiently and effectively produce the desired environmental goals.  The more holistically the project team pursues environmental goals, the deeper green the project becomes. And, a Deep Green project will uphold values that reflect the project ramifications at ecosystem, global and multi-generational levels.

Please read the Evolving Architecture blog post Deep Green Architecture on the Green Building Spectrum for a more complete discussion of the topic.

Long before design begins, Evolving architecture works with building owners to assess their values and expectations for their building. Often owners are surprised by the Programming Phase and its seemingly endless questions. However, truly understanding the values and intentions of the owner is the only way to establish and reach their goals. Through this phase, Evolving Architecture helps owners to decide if and which green building certification program matches their goals. And, Evolving Architecture can help owners build a project team that can help them realize their goals. This team can include designers, engineers that model and set the energy utilization expectations, experts in the certification program, builders experienced in meeting similar project goals. Evolving architecture guides building owners and developers through this critical, up front part of a building project. Because, the best way to minimize added cost to your project for your sustainability goals is by properly assessing and planning from the very beginning of the project.